Cebu City sets speed limit

VEHICLES passing major thoroughfares in Cebu City should not go beyond 40 kilometers per hour (kph), and 20 kph when making their way along residential areas.

This after Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella issued Executive Order No. 67, setting the speed restrictions of vehicles in the city.

“I hereby impose a speed limit for vehicles plying through the streets of Cebu City for the duration of the Enhanced Community Quarantine or until 12 noon of April 28, 2020 unless revoked, whichever is earlier,” stated the EO issued on Wednesday, April 1.

“We noticed that since there is no traffic, some vehicles which have the privilege to pass through our city streets are overspeeding,” said Labella during the press conference.

Labella directed the Cebu City Transportation Office, the Philippine National Police and the Highway Patrol Group to implement the order.

Barangay tanods are also mandated to implement the order in coordination with the traffic enforcers.

“With a mandatory stay-at-home order declared in Cebu City, roads and streets have become free from vehicular traffic, prompting some motorists to overspeed, thus there is a need to impose a speed limit in order to avoid road accidents,” stated Labella in the EO. (JJL)

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