Hanoi fashion shops deserted amid Covid-19 pandemic

Fashion shops in Hanoi are deserted amid the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak in Vietnam.

Fashion shops along Chua Boc closed

Many stores on well-known streets like Chua Boc, Cau Giay and Dong Cac have closed early or returned the premises due to the lack of customers. The rental fees on Hang Ngang and Hang Dao streets are among the highest in Hanoi. Amid the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak in Vietnam, the fashion shops on Hang Ngang and Hang Dao streets have had to close.

Quy, a shop owner on Hang Ngang, said, “We used to have a lot of customers from 5 pm to 8 pm. But fewer people go out shopping now. We don’t have enough money to hire cashiers or managers for late hours. Only shop houses can maintain businesses during such times, people with rental fees have mostly closed their shops. They have to pay hundreds of millions of VND or a billion of VND in annual rent.”

Waiting for customers

Dong Cac Street which emerged as a fashion street for young people as well as the second-hand market for low-income people nearby is also deserted. Many shops offer 50-70% discounts but they still failed to attract customers.

Shops inside shopping centres also deserted

Fashion stores inside commercial centres also face the same situation. The shops now open an hour later and close an hour earlier. The fashion shops on Cau Giay Street close at 7-8 pm, much earlier than the usual 10 pm. Some shops on Tran Nhan Tong close at 6 pm.

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